Your Childs First Visit

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We truly enjoy treating children at our office.  We have lots of books, toys, coloring books, movies to keep them entertained while they are getting their pearly whites looked after.  Please be advised that some of these offerings may be modified in compliance with the Covid-19 protocols.  But fear not, we still have lots of ways to make your little one’s visit to our office memorable. 

We typically start treating children at age two.  If you feel your child would feel more comfortable having their appointment at the same time as a parent, please let us know and we will be happy to combine their visit with mom or dad’s appointment. 

In preparation for your child’s first visit, it is helpful to inform your little one that Dr. Salimi will be “counting his/her teeth” and “brushing their teeth with a special toothbrush”, all the while they could be watching some cartoons or videos on a television on the ceiling.  After their treatment, your child will be rewarded with a “goodie bag” for their cooperation. Now who can’t get excited about that!

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